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Auto Market Review [AMR] is the premier destination to read intriguing and provocative opinions on the cars that we all talk about. In a unique way, AMR presents the ideas of our editors, and invites you to discuss our reviews, the cars and your own thoughts on the matter in our forum. Think of it as sitting with friends, talking about some new car, and what everyone thinks of it. We could do it for hours on end, and we hope you can, too.

Bryan Falchuk, Founder & Editor-In-Chief
A magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Bowdoin College with a degree in Economics, Bryan Falchuk grew up outside of Boston, and spent time in both Latin America and China, having worked in Singapore and Hong Kong for his former employer. He speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese (and English). Bryan is pursuing his MBA at Dartmouth College's Amos Tuck School of Business as a member of the class of 2006. Bryan spent his first four years out of college working as a strategy consultant for Liberty Mutual Insurance. As exciting as insurance can be, Bryan's real passion has always been the auto industry. While in high school, after a brief stint as a Toyota salesman, Bryan founded AutoClarity Car Purchasing Consultants. His vast knowledge of the auto market, and how each model can fit a specific person's unique needs put his services in high demand. Fast forward to January 2003, Bryan, the proud owner of a VW Passat, founded B5one, an international Passat enthusiast club. It was there that Bryan met Tim, one of the more involved members. Bryan decided that he wanted to get back into a role like that which he had while running AutoClarity, and told his members of his wishes. Tim contacted Bryan about working together, and AMR was born. Bryan is also the co-founder and co-chair of the Tuck Automotive Club at Dartmouth College, and participates in Dartmouth Formula Racing.

Bryan views AMR very similarly to his backyard, where other car enthusiasts gather around the grill talking about various cars, how they compete, what's right and wrong with them, and what they'd like to drive. He hopes the articles herein spark your mind to discuss your feelings on the issue in our forums. He has created AMR as a place where you feel welcome and comfortable sharing your thoughts on cars and trucks, whether you agree with him or not. So, from Bryan Falchuk, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of AMR, welcome, and enjoy.

Tim Ryan, Managing Editor
A recent graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Tim works as a Project/Mechanical Engineer for General Dynamics Electric Boat in Groton, CT. He likes to consider himself a well-rounded individual, as he has many different interests and hobbies. Some of these include radio-controlled cars, journalism, photography, woodworking, and motorcycling. Tim is also a private pilot and enjoys flying as much as his wallet and time allow. Of course, what can be assumed is that Tim has an insatiable passion for automobiles. Since he can remember, Tim has always been actively involved with automobiles—you could say it's been a life passion—but what's for sure is that he has a thirst for knowledge about vehicles of all shapes and sizes. He also researches the markets in which different cars exist and analyzes the competition, comparing each car to the other. As such, Tim has been known as "the car guy" in his circle of friends, and has often found himself giving advice on what car would serve a specific person best. Helping his friends in such a way, Tim started to think about it on a bigger scale. The idea of having an online magazine or "e-zine" which served the same purpose was tantalizing, but he had neither the time nor the know-how to implement such an idea. That's where Bryan came in, expressing the same interest as Tim. Bryan also had the missing piece of the puzzle in his web development skills.

Tim hopes you enjoy reading and getting involved in AMR's discussions as much as he enjoy writing for it. From Tim Ryan, Managing Editor, welcome!

AMR is a unit of PlexCom Online Services, a diversified company focused on Internet services with several sites dedicated to the auto industry and auto enthusiasm.

After a hiatus, our forums are back online. We are working on adding PodCasts of every article, as well!